Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Yankee's Candles

They are the best for every occasion. I recently got a new one called 'Sugared Apple'. It's a Christmas candle. I'm moving into a bigger room just before Christmas and i'll have it lighting over the next couple of weeks. And I've never been excited to smell something! The sugared apple is the one on the left. 

The right one is 'Black Cherry' and I've had it a while. When you smell the candle without it lit its lovely. But when its lit the smell is horrible. It definitely doesn't smell like cherries anyway. 
I do have another candle but it's not Yankee's. It's beautiful. If anyone else has Yankee Candles, comment your link below and i'll have a look<3 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Tan Crazy

Being Irish and very pale, tan kind of saves my life when I go out. I go through bottles of it during the summer and sometimes it wouldn't be the best. Right now I use Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter. You can buy it in Penny's (Primark) really cheap. I'm going to write a review on a couple of tans I own. 

Starting from left to right. 'St. Moriz Exfoliating Body Scrub' is first up. This is a tan maxi miser, you can put over the same brand of tan and it will even it out for you. It has little ball bits in it.The color doesn't appear straight away. 

Next tan is the 'Cocoa Brown'. My favorite I use this all the time now. It's a mousse and is easy to apply on. The color appears straight away and gets darker through the day or night. Highly recommend this it's amazing. A disadvantage of this tan would be, it stains if a liquid is spilled or splashed onto it. I would advise the apply the day before and have a shower.

'St. Moriz Self Tanning Mist' this is a spray. It is good but it's not the best. If your rushing and you just want to throw it on. By the end of the night your wrists and bony parts go greeny. There's a bit of a dirty look coming from it. If you lob loads on the day before you want it, then have a shower it comes out evenly. If any water or drinks are spilled on you it won't stain. 

Lastly is 'St. Tropez'. This is better than Cocoa Brown but its very expensive. That little bottle was about 15 euro. The other tans are only 5 or 4 euro. St. Tropez smells beautiful. It goes on your skin so nicely and smoothly. It would be the best out of them all.

That is all the tans that I used or use. Thank you if your reading<3

Friday, 13 December 2013

Nail Biting

Since I was young I always bit my nails. I wanted to get acrylics done but I bit the skin around my nails too much. So to convince my mam to let me get them done I tried to stop biting the skin. If I got acrylics done with red ripped skin it would look horrible. It was so hard to stop because it's been a habit of mine for years. Eventually I stopped and ended up with these.

My middle nail broke and I started biting again. They were so amazing!

Now I want them to grow again for Christmas. So i'm going to tell you how I stop myself from biting and keeping my nails in good condition.

Instead of biting the skin I use a nail clippers to clip off the skin so it doesn't peel down your finger. Then I use the nail file to make my nails stronger. Using cuticle oil gets rid of the redness if you peel too much and it works really well overnight. 
You can buy cuticle oil in Boots or in any chemists.

Thank you <3

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Tag

I was reading a couple of blogs and I noticed they were all doing the Christmas tag! I absolutely LOVE Christmas and for some reason this year i'm extra excited and I don't know why! So i'm going to give this tag a go :) Hope you enjoy<3

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
I'd have to say Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas. It's been my favourite for years now but Ariana Grande came out with a version of Last Christmas this year and i'm really loving it!

2. What is your favourite festive drink?
Festive drink, doesn't everybody drink alcohol during Christmas??

3. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Without a doubt Elf! That is the only Christmas movie that gets me excited!

4. What is your favourite festive make-up look or nail look?
At the moment my nails are gone due to boredom in school. But I would definitely get my nails done for Christmas. Your guaranteed to go out and it saves yourself buying fake nails from Penny's and quickly sticking them on! Make up would be natural until Steven's Day and New Years where we get the smokey eye out. Me being Irish and very very pale, I will have tan on for sure!

What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time?
Christmas morning I stay in my pyjamas. When family and friends start to come over for dinner or breakfast I'd pop on a pair of jeans and a light jumper. Steven's Day I already have my outfit! It's a long black skirt with a split down the right leg, a white lacy crop top and a denim jacket. I'm not sure what shoes I want to wear yet. I'm so excited!! 

Would you rather play in the snow or enjoy it from the inside with the fire and a cuppa?
Snow!! When it snows here everyone that lives on the road comes out and has a big snowball fight or make snowmen. It's really amazing!

Wrapping presents love or loathe?
I do love wrapping presents, but when it rips or doesn't go right I get frustrated. I usually just get my mam to do it. I'm excited this year because I got Princess wrapping paper!!

What is your favourite christmassy food?
Everything and anything. I'd eat a table if possible on Chirstmas! 

Favourite thing about Christmas?
Family. I have a big family so I love when we come together and celebrate.

This was fun! Thank you to everyone who read<3

Everyday School Make Up

So most days I wake up early for school just to do my make up. Every teenage girl has blemishes and some don't feel comfortable without make up on. 
If I had a massive spot on my face I would definitely wear make up. Being in a mixed school as well doesn't help going natural. 
I don't pack make up on me because there would be no difference when you go out for the weekend. I wear a simple foundation, eyebrow pencil, powder and mascara. 

The foundation and mascara are from Essence. Personally I think Essence is the best. The foundation stays on my face all day and, its cheap! The powder is Rimmel London Sun Shimmer. The one I have is Light Matte but it goes on very dark. At the moment I'm using an eyeliner pencil for my eyebrows because I lost my eyebrow pencil. Eyeliner works just as good! I also have an eyebrow brush to help shape them.

This is the finishing look.. 

If you enjoyed reading this, do comment with feedback! Thank you <3

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Me, Myself and I

So I've always wanted to make a blog. Like a proper blog about everything. About what I love and about my life. To me its interesting and I wonder if anyone else would be interested. 

I'm a sixteen year old girl from Ireland in Leaving Cert year and about to leave for college, but has absolutely no idea what she wants to do.

I love fashion and make-up! Sharing ideas and getting ideas from everyone.

When it comes to me and fashion, I'm scared to be unique. I have so many different styles but will never wear them out on a regular day. I'm original like everybody else.

I look at other girls with their uniqueness and envy their confidence.
In my head I think I'm being unique, but I'm really not.. 

One day i might, if I get a confidence boost.. or money! 
Another reason I'm not unique, I haven't got the money to get the clothes before everyone gets them! 
So I just get what I can and make something out of it.

Make up is something I think I want to do when I leave school. 
Around Halloween I started looking up tutorials for different costumes and I really got the hang of it and enjoyed it! 

Enough talk don't want to scare you all away already. 
I hope with this blog you enjoy reading through it:) 
Feel free anytime to give me a message with suggestions on what you would like on my blog.
Thank you <3