Thursday, 12 December 2013

Christmas Tag

I was reading a couple of blogs and I noticed they were all doing the Christmas tag! I absolutely LOVE Christmas and for some reason this year i'm extra excited and I don't know why! So i'm going to give this tag a go :) Hope you enjoy<3

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
I'd have to say Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas. It's been my favourite for years now but Ariana Grande came out with a version of Last Christmas this year and i'm really loving it!

2. What is your favourite festive drink?
Festive drink, doesn't everybody drink alcohol during Christmas??

3. What is your favourite Christmas film?
Without a doubt Elf! That is the only Christmas movie that gets me excited!

4. What is your favourite festive make-up look or nail look?
At the moment my nails are gone due to boredom in school. But I would definitely get my nails done for Christmas. Your guaranteed to go out and it saves yourself buying fake nails from Penny's and quickly sticking them on! Make up would be natural until Steven's Day and New Years where we get the smokey eye out. Me being Irish and very very pale, I will have tan on for sure!

What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time?
Christmas morning I stay in my pyjamas. When family and friends start to come over for dinner or breakfast I'd pop on a pair of jeans and a light jumper. Steven's Day I already have my outfit! It's a long black skirt with a split down the right leg, a white lacy crop top and a denim jacket. I'm not sure what shoes I want to wear yet. I'm so excited!! 

Would you rather play in the snow or enjoy it from the inside with the fire and a cuppa?
Snow!! When it snows here everyone that lives on the road comes out and has a big snowball fight or make snowmen. It's really amazing!

Wrapping presents love or loathe?
I do love wrapping presents, but when it rips or doesn't go right I get frustrated. I usually just get my mam to do it. I'm excited this year because I got Princess wrapping paper!!

What is your favourite christmassy food?
Everything and anything. I'd eat a table if possible on Chirstmas! 

Favourite thing about Christmas?
Family. I have a big family so I love when we come together and celebrate.

This was fun! Thank you to everyone who read<3

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