Friday, 13 December 2013

Nail Biting

Since I was young I always bit my nails. I wanted to get acrylics done but I bit the skin around my nails too much. So to convince my mam to let me get them done I tried to stop biting the skin. If I got acrylics done with red ripped skin it would look horrible. It was so hard to stop because it's been a habit of mine for years. Eventually I stopped and ended up with these.

My middle nail broke and I started biting again. They were so amazing!

Now I want them to grow again for Christmas. So i'm going to tell you how I stop myself from biting and keeping my nails in good condition.

Instead of biting the skin I use a nail clippers to clip off the skin so it doesn't peel down your finger. Then I use the nail file to make my nails stronger. Using cuticle oil gets rid of the redness if you peel too much and it works really well overnight. 
You can buy cuticle oil in Boots or in any chemists.

Thank you <3

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