Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Me, Myself and I

So I've always wanted to make a blog. Like a proper blog about everything. About what I love and about my life. To me its interesting and I wonder if anyone else would be interested. 

I'm a sixteen year old girl from Ireland in Leaving Cert year and about to leave for college, but has absolutely no idea what she wants to do.

I love fashion and make-up! Sharing ideas and getting ideas from everyone.

When it comes to me and fashion, I'm scared to be unique. I have so many different styles but will never wear them out on a regular day. I'm original like everybody else.

I look at other girls with their uniqueness and envy their confidence.
In my head I think I'm being unique, but I'm really not.. 

One day i might, if I get a confidence boost.. or money! 
Another reason I'm not unique, I haven't got the money to get the clothes before everyone gets them! 
So I just get what I can and make something out of it.

Make up is something I think I want to do when I leave school. 
Around Halloween I started looking up tutorials for different costumes and I really got the hang of it and enjoyed it! 

Enough talk don't want to scare you all away already. 
I hope with this blog you enjoy reading through it:) 
Feel free anytime to give me a message with suggestions on what you would like on my blog.
Thank you <3


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