Thursday, 12 December 2013

Everyday School Make Up

So most days I wake up early for school just to do my make up. Every teenage girl has blemishes and some don't feel comfortable without make up on. 
If I had a massive spot on my face I would definitely wear make up. Being in a mixed school as well doesn't help going natural. 
I don't pack make up on me because there would be no difference when you go out for the weekend. I wear a simple foundation, eyebrow pencil, powder and mascara. 

The foundation and mascara are from Essence. Personally I think Essence is the best. The foundation stays on my face all day and, its cheap! The powder is Rimmel London Sun Shimmer. The one I have is Light Matte but it goes on very dark. At the moment I'm using an eyeliner pencil for my eyebrows because I lost my eyebrow pencil. Eyeliner works just as good! I also have an eyebrow brush to help shape them.

This is the finishing look.. 

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